Most frequent questions and answers

If a holiday falls on a service day, we simply move that service day and all following service days back one day. Ex: on a Tuesday holiday, we would move Tuesday to Wednesday, Wednesday to Thursday, and Thursday to Friday. Monday would remain unaffected. The holidays we observe are: New Year’s Day, MLK Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day. 

Maybin Sanitation offers residential services all over Henderson county.

6:00 am is the standard. If your team consistently comes later, you may put your trash out later, but keep in mind if the team comes by early for whatever reason, your trash could be missed. 

Maybin’s does curbside pickup. So, place your cart 3-8 ft. from the road with the handle towards the road.

Don’t worry. You have options. We can get you next week, or we can pick you up next day for a $15 fee. 

We bill by the quarter. You can pay by month, by quarter, by year–whatever interval you desire as long as it’s at least monthly. We no longer use coupon books. 

Payment is due at the beginning of the month. We accept cash, check, money order, credit card and debit card. Statements will be mailed to accounts not paid at 30 days and 60 days after the invoice date. Service will be suspended on all accounts that are past due and a $10.00 late fee will be added to the account.

Keep in mind this is residential trash pickup. So, household trash. Avoid the banned items: paint, oil, tires, car batteries, propane tanks, TVs, computers, printers, and hazardous materials. Make sure to bag all trash and tie all bags. This is extremely important. Also, Maybin’s can’t be responsible for spilled paint or oil. 

No, we can’t pick up yard waste. Check with the Henderson County Transfer station to learn how to dispose of yard waste.

We must keep a tight reign on our limits to ensure we have the resources to meet ordinary customer demand.

If you have extra trash, you have options! If you regularly have more than the limit, sign up for our double capacity service. It’s $13 extra a month, but it gets you an extra Maybin’s can. If you have extra occasionally, just give us a call. For $10, we can do one-time double capacity service. 

If your cart is unusable due to normal wear and tear, we’ll get you a new one right away in exchange for your old one. Just call the office.  

We start you out with a clean cart, and we require all trash to be bagged. If you bag all your trash and securely tie all bags your cart will rarely if ever need cleaning. But accidents do happen. In that case, just take some soap and a brush to it! 

For $5 a month you can enroll in our recycling service. For those enrolled, we will pick up two bags of recyclables a week. Please place your recyclables outside the can. 

Yes. We would hate to see you go, but our desire to serve you means we won’t burden you with contracts or termination fees. We make it easy to sign up and easy to cancel. We issue refunds in whole-month increments. 

Yes, if you have had your service for at least 3 months and cancel your service you may request the remaining WHOLE months of your prepaid service be refunded.  We do not charge a signup fee or any surcharge–easy in and easy out. So, we do not offer prorated refunds for partial months and do not offer any refund during the first three months of your service. 

Break it down, cut it, bag it, and it’s just trash to us. We will pick it up on route. If you want it recycled, put it in a recycle bag.

Yes, we supply a cart free! All new customers get them from the start. Eventually all customers will have Maybin’s carts, but it takes time. If you would like to request a cart, just call the office, and we’ll set you up. 

Many different ways! 1. Online at maybinsgarbage.com 2. Give us a call. 3. Stop by the office. 

You can pay online, on the phone, or in person. We also have autopay which you can set up using your credit card or bank account number. NOTE: We no longer accept payment on top of trashcans or handed to drivers. 

Times change and we must change with them to be profitable and remain a strong company. But concerning arbitrary increases, or bait-and-switch tactics–we reject this method of doing business. There is no sign-up fee, cart fee, or fuel surcharge. So you won’t be unpleasantly surprised with any of that. 

When you set up service, our staff will let you know. Also, on top of your can there will be a sticker that indicates your service day. 

We stagger our quarters putting each customer in 1 of 3 quarters. Q1 begins in January. Q2 begins in February. Q3 begins in March. For example, if you are in Q2, you will be billed for Feb-Apr, May-July, Aug-Oct, Nov-January. 

Maybin’s does not use coupon books anymore. Instead we bill every quarter.